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Pickled Walnut - Catering with character

- Serving inspired ideas, sumptuous food and memorable occasions -

- We're not just about food. We're about you. -

Simplify a little and let the ingredients do the talking - that's the Pickled Walnut way of doing things, and then we add the humour, theatre and a fine catering experience you'll want again and again.

Anyone can provide a bespoke food service, but at Pickled Walnut, it's different. Your food is prepared by class-leading chefs and our award-winning catering team - the very guys who own the company. When arranging your event - weddings, corporate events, lunch or garden parties - we ensure the whole thing as sweet as cherry pie (ours are exquisite incidentally). What's more, we'll guarantee that your delivery is in sync with your expectations, from your initial phone call and getting to know you, to inviting you to taste your menu. Simply put, you'll experience the finest cuisine, the freshest ideas and the sweetest results - Pickled!

- Locally sourced produce to complement a renowned service. -

There's little or no point hiring the services of a catering company if all it provides is mass market produce.

We cater for the individual, sourcing local produce to provide that all-important and unique 'just-for-me' experience for all our customers. Only the finest produce will pass the Pickled Walnut test - before it passes your lips. Hence why, from cathedrals and stately homes to royal visits and tennis tournaments, we've provided a service that's deserved a reputation for a more prestigious approach.

In a nutshell, we take the pain out of organising your important day, night or week - and add the ingredients that are always changing, always different and always scintillatingly sensational.

- What we can't do for you isn't worth mentioning. -

We do a great deal for our customers, but as you may have gathered by now we're not a company that is a Jack of all and master of none.

We are specialists; we enjoy a challenge and love being creative. Indeed, we love what we do. We'll prepare a simple yet delicious buffet with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm as if we were organising your wedding day.

We guarantee you'll not enjoy a working lunch as much as the one we can create for you - and a Pickled Walnut-style dinner party will be the one everyone will be Tweeting about for weeks to come. Elaborate events are made effortlessly simple from behind the scenes to front of house. In short, we don't just deliver a memorable taste extravaganza, we deliver your expectations - and then some.